What does a Henry Ford Health and Michigan State University partnership mean?

It means that together, Henry Ford and MSU will foster innovative, ground-breaking research; provide best-in-class care; train and increase diversity among the next generation of health care professionals; and address the health care needs of traditionally underserved communities. The impactfulness results from the tight integration of discovery, education and clinical care. The unmet needs of the patient and the community will become the focus of discovery. In so doing, needed advances in health and wellness become available more quickly to patients and communities everywhere.

The partnership significantly serves as a unique primary affiliation among the first of its kind for the region between a fully integrated academic health system and major state university.

How will this partnership acknowledge and respond to the unique demographic and community needs of those we serve?

At Henry Ford and MSU, we believe quality and equitable health care is a fundamental building block of a strong community. Among our partnership goals is a commitment to ensuring that no matter who you are or where you live, your health will not limit your potential. We will address health inequity and disparities in both urban and rural communities through developing innovative models rooted in strong community engagement and multi-disciplinary research. We are also working to coordinate our clinical programs to provide better access to care across the state, with a focus on the diversity of health care needs experienced across our unique communities. Another key element to our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts is workforce development, with a commitment to training diverse future physicians, nurses and other health care providers who can meet Michigan’s 21st Century health care needs.

Is there a new facility being built as part of this partnership? Where will it be located?

Planning is underway for a new Health Sciences Center (HSC) in Detroit that tightly aligns basic and translational research, fueling innovation and discovery through an academically and clinically integrated network of health care providers, scientists, academics, and public health practitioners. A shared building will allow consolidation of Henry Ford research activities and provide critical space for recruitment.

How will training slots and clinical placements for the MSU Health Sciences colleges be handled across Henry Ford Health?

The colleges of Osteopathic Medicine, Human Medicine, and Nursing and will have incremental student training slots and clinical placements across Henry Ford sites. Increasing the number of MSU students will be done through a coordinated approach, beginning with the introduction of human medicine clerkships at Henry Ford Hospital and increase of osteopathic medicine clerkships at Jackson, Macomb and Wyandotte hospitals. In addition, there will be enhanced access for both human medicine and osteopathic medicine fourth-year student rotations and increased clinical placements for nursing students across all Henry Ford sites.

Additional capacity is being created to train more nursing, advanced practice and allied health students in all of system hospitals.

Will this help the city of Detroit and its residents?

Henry Ford and MSU are committed to increasing their presence in the city of Detroit – working toward the development of a joint Research Institute on the Henry Ford Detroit campus as well as a greater presence for MSU in the city of Detroit. We anticipate this partnership will result in:

  • Job creation for Detroit residents
  • Increased access to health care options in the city
  • Medical and nursing education and training opportunities for Detroit residents
  • Increased diversity of future healthcare providers
  • A draw to Henry Ford Health MSU as the destination for the nations best practitioners, researchers and students
  • Attracting industry partners and start-ups interested in health innovation

 A strong commitment to the city of Detroit is at the heart of this partnership. As leaders in each institution’s respective areas of advanced research and medical education, complex care and precision Health, population health management and value-based care, Henry Ford and MSU believe they can make a greater impact as closely aligned partners than they could individually.

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